What is a True Relationship?

Relationship or a True Relationship?

A relationship can happen between two or more humans, two or more entities or even with yourself.

So, as per my understanding most of us feel the base of any relationship is Love. But do we really know what love is? And what I understood about true relationships by living in relationships is that the base of any true relationship is not love, something else. Explaining underneath-

As per my understanding the Core base of any true relationship is RESPECT then ACCEPTANCE and then LOVE. You can’t love someone whom you don’t respect or accept completely. You can say that you care but you can’t say that you love if you don’t respect or accept. Let me try to make you understand more clearly –

RESPECT – Just try to understand anything or person you love, do you respect or not? Respect is the base of any true relationship. If I respect that means I respect who you are ethically, physically and nature wise and I respect your whole being. I respect you and I know you are not perfect because neither am I. We all have flaws, we all have darkness and light, we all are ugly, horrible and sweet and gentle. And I understand that and I RESPECT you, for you being you completely. Because whoever you are you are genuinely what you are. And only when we Respect someone we are ready for second step in the True Relationship that is-

ACCEPTANCE – Acceptance of any being or entity as it is, is very important in true relationship but that only comes if we really respect it. Accept the person you are in relationship with completely, Naturally, Physically , mentally, emotionally, financially, even spiritually and in all the ways that person is existing. If you accept other person completely then you will never try to change another person and that person will feel comfortable and like home being with you. And if someone needs some help in becoming better then help but even accept that the person is trying to be better which can take weeks, months or years but as you have already accepted the person, you will never want to change him or her. And when we truly Respect a person and completely Accept in all aspects of Life then we are ready for third stage. That is-

LOVE – Love is the main essence of being human. Love is divine but we can’t love anyone or anything if we don’t respect or accept. Love is what we all are looking for. People now a days just look at someone and say “ I LOVE YOU “, do they really LOVE? Because you can’t respect someone without knowing the person genuinely and without respect you won’t be able to Accept because you don’t even know what is there to accept? May be you like someone in the first glance but that’s physical appearance and we can understand that physicality is important for lots of people to fall in LOVE, but what about other things in the same human? He or she is not only that physical body, it has habits, bondings, past experiences, trauma’s, fears and strengths. So, Love the person after complete Respect and Acceptance, because only then this Love won’t change. And we are seeing now a days how love changes into hate in months, so was it really love?? After Respect + Acceptance + Love, comes-

True Relationship – A true relationship with anyone or yourself can only and only happen after Respect and acceptance and Love. And before getting into relationship with others you should make this True relationship with yourself. That mean RESPECT yourself for who you are, ACCEPT yourself completely, we know the darkest side of ourselves more than anyone else, and we all know we do mistakes and we have done things which are not right as per our understanding, Accept that and everything and accept yourself completely and then LOVE yourself, doesn’t matter what world tells you about you, you know who you really are, Love yourself. If you have real Respect for yourself and Accepted yourself and really Love yourself that means you are in a True relationship with yourself and you will never be unhappy with yourself. And when you have this type of true relationship with yourself then only you are ready to make the same True relationship with others, because now you will respect, accept and love another being aswell as you love yourself.

This is my understanding of being in True Relationship and what I understood in present time why most of the relationships are not working or even If we are carrying those relationships still we are not happy. RESPECT-ACCEPTANCE-LOVE are three main base of a TRUE RELATIONSHIP as per my understanding. More love and light to you all and I really wish we all will live in True relationship with ourselves and others and will share and understand a real meaning of True Relationship.
All discussion are welcome, comment below if any question,
Love You all,
Let’s go back into light together